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Office Task operators chairs

Office Task operators chairs

Office task operator chairs, Office Furniture Online offers you a full range of ergonomic  office chairs from the simple student chair up to the full ergonomic 24/7 operator task chair. Depending on your budget your can buy a simple chair with one lever for gas height adjustment only on a trolley base with a 3 year warranty or you can invest a bit more for a 3 lever chair with a 10 year warranty. Task and operator chairs have a large number of different options and upgrades.

A simple task operator office chair will have a swivel trolley base, one lever for height adjustment and manual seat back tilt, this chair will have a comfort rating of 4 to 6 hours and is ideal for the student or home office.

A mid range task operator office chair will have two levers and will provide for height adjustment and back angle adjustment with manual seat back height adjustment. This is the minimum adjustment required to set up a chair to ergonomically support you, this chair will have a 6 – 8 hour comfort rating.

A top range task operator office chair will have either 3 levers or one lever and a synchro mechanism for seat and back angle adjustment. The third lever added to this range of chair adjust the chair seat angle to improve the comfort and ergonomics. The Synco mechanism makes it easy to adjust the seat and back together and lock in place, or there is a tension knob that you can adjust to your comfort and operate the back angle in the free flow option. These top range chairs will offer 8 to 24 hour comfort rating and a 10 year warranty.

There are upgrade options available to improve the style or comfort of your chair, these are: soft touch height adjustable arms,wider seat, seat slide, superior  fabrics, polished trolley base,

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