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Depending on your requirement make up your own soft wiring kit. Just create a list of your requirements by adding to the shopping cart and email to us to order. The below listed soft wiring components are mainly for the ducting of power cables, the telecom and data cables are usually run from the wall outlets as long fly leads which can be run along under the desks in the cable basket.

First choose your wire cable baskets from the three sizes of 750, 950 + 1250 mm wide. If you have a 1500 wide desk a single 950 wide basket only is required,  baskets for longer desks, ie 950 baskets for 1500 wide and 1250 basket for 1800 wide desk. Cable baskets are 130 mm high x 95 mm deep, the basket mounting brackets are built into the basket and they can be stacked on top of each other to make a double height basket.

  • Cable basket - dimensions- 130 mm high x 95 mm deep
  • Single cable basket 750 mm wide + 2 mounting brackets - white - each $ 32.00 + gst
  • Single cable basket 950 mm wide + 2 mounting brackets - white - each $ 39.00 + gst
  • Single cable basket 1250 mm wide + 2 mounting brackets white - each $ 49.00 + gst

Power module: these modules have 4 power points each and have sockets at each end for interconnecting cables.

  • Quad Power module + two mounting brackets for cable basket  - white - each $ 59.00 + gst

Interconnecting power cables - these cables are designed to link power modules together to supply power along a line of desks. If you have a line of 1800 wide desks use the 2 meter interconnecting cable between power modules.

  • Interconnecting power cable - 1 meter - White - each $ 26.00 + gst
  • Interconnecting power cable - 2 meter - White - each $ 32.00 + gst

Wall starter cable: This cable is 2 meters long and has a standard 3 pin plug one end which connects to a standard wall power point and a plug at the other end that fits the power module. A starter cable can supply up to 4  quad power modules, depending on the loading required, ie electric heaters increase loading and so reduce the number of outlets per cable.

  • Starter plug - 2 meters - with 3 pin and connector plug - white - each $ 89.00 + gst

Please email your list of requirements and your location for a freight cost to: sales@ofo.co.nz







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